Top 3 Challenges Faced by Pet Owners:

An old adage states that “The difference between friends and pets is that friends we allow in our company and pets we allow into our solitude”. This is resonated amicably by people from different civilizations. Cats, dogs and birds have been loyal companions for humans throughout civilizations and they continue to be an integral part of our lives.
In addition to enriching our lives in endless number of ways, from greeting us at the door to keeping us company when we are feeling low, dogs have undeniably earned the title of being man`s best friend. It is therefore not surprising that 36.5% of households across the USA have adopted dogs and 30.4% homes have cats as pets.

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Challenges faced by pet owners

Pet owners are often faced with many challenges and they try their best to cope with them to effectively manage their pets.
The top 3 challenges faced by pet owners worldwide:
Maintaining Pet Health:
The health of pets is highly significant and one of the important matters that lead to high concern amongst pet owners. Pets like cats and dogs have healthy appetite and they need to be fed nutritious and healthy food at all times. Exercise is yet another integral factor that contributes to the dog`s well-being. It is up to you to ensure that your dog is taken for a walk at regular intervals.
Food and exercises nurture the physical health of your pets but what about their emotional health? Pets, particularly dogs have strong emotional connect with the members of the family. Emotionally suitable environment is one of the requisites for raising a healthy dog.
Maintaining pet safety:

The dog walker alone is not responsible to keep your dog safe. You have to check on the dog daily to ensure that the dog is safe. In case your pets are enrolled in training sessions, you have to take care to ensure they are safe at home or at the training institute.
Keeping your house from falling apart:
Pets become an integral part of your lives the moment they come into your home. They are actively involved in a number of activities that happen at the house. A dog or cat may be litter box trained but may not always follow the instructions. Therefore keeping the litter box away from your expensive carpet or teaching pets to stay away from furniture will help in making your pets more customized to live in the company of humans.
It also helps to know distinct traits that are specific to your pets. It is quite normal for a cat to be accustomed to scratching while a dog will have to be treated with medication for excessive scratching. Dogs love to chew, so investing in chewable food or chewable toys is ideal. But if these habits are a result of anxiety, anxiety related medicine and behaviour modification program may be recommended.
When a pet comes home it brings home a cartload of emotions, needs and surprises.

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Written by: Alan Smith for Global data brokers

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