5 Gifting Ideas for Stamp and Coin Collectors


Many may have a common perception that stamp and coin collecting are very similar, but in reality there are very few collectors who pursue both. Although it is rare to find people who devote their time to both the hobbies with equal passion, it is not impossible to find interested souls who pursue both stamp and coin collection with a lot of enthusiasm.

You may have that friend or acquaintance who has immense interest in stamp and coin collecting. But, what if you wish to surprise him/her on a special occasion but fall short of gifting ideas?

Let us take a quick glimpse at few gifting ideas that may kindle your interest:

  • Coin cases: It is not easy to find that perfect coin holder, but that has never really stopped coin collectors from searching for that perfect one, which is best-suited for their interests. Often you get coin cases that accommodate coins of each and every size, thus granting you the option of customizing your storage option to your collection. From beginners to professionals, these cases have the capacity to take care of every sort of numismatist by storing a wide variety of coins that range from Morgan Silver Dollars, Buffalo Nickels to Silver Eagles and Presidential Dollar Cases. The durable and beautiful coin cases are crafted from wood, acrylic, aluminum and a host of other materials.
  • Stamp albums: Stamp albums are loose-leafed books that can store and display a collection of postage stamps. Considered to be the universal means of storing stamps by amateurs as well as pros, these albums are the safest and finest options to preserve your valuable collection.
  • Cardboard coin flips: Cardboard coin flips that are a favorite with many coin collectors, are flat, rectangle-shaped pieces of cardboard lined with a plastic film on one side. Coin flips shall safeguard your precious coins from moisture, dust, fingerprints and scratches.
  • Stamp stock books: These are nothing but hard bound stamp albums of heavy cardboard pages with strips that hold the stamps. Stock books comprise of a number of pages that are made of manilla paper, clear film or glassine paper into which the stamps are placed. Available in a number of shapes, colors and sizes, these are either equipped with book-like bindings or flexible double-hinged pages.
  • Coin tubes: Square or round coin tubes are ideal for organizing and storing rolls of coins and protect them from moisture and dust. What more? These are available in a wide variety of styles that include opaque plastic square tubes and clear plastic round tubes.

By now, you may have got a fairly good idea on the wide array of gifting options that are available for stamp and coin collectors. At present, there are approximately 31,000 members in the American Numismatic Association. Coin World, on the other hand, enjoys a subscriber base more than ANA. U.S. researchers report around 1,00,000 and 1 mn active coin collectors. Besides, the world also lists 34,000 members who contribute to the American Philatelic Society for stamp collectors. So, why not extend some goodies to them to support their collection?

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