Top 3 Challenges Faced by Pet Owners:

An old adage states that “The difference between friends and pets is that friends we allow in our company and pets we allow into our solitude”. This is resonated amicably by people from different civilizations. Cats, dogs and birds have been loyal companions for humans throughout civilizations and they continue to be an integral part of our lives.
In addition to enriching our lives in endless number of ways, from greeting us at the door to keeping us company when we are feeling low, dogs have undeniably earned the title of being man`s best friend. It is therefore not surprising that 36.5% of households across the USA have adopted dogs and 30.4% homes have cats as pets.

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Challenges faced by pet owners

Pet owners are often faced with many challenges and they try their best to cope with them to effectively manage their pets.
The top 3 challenges faced by pet owners worldwide:
Maintaining Pet Health:
The health of pets is highly significant and one of the important matters that lead to high concern amongst pet owners. Pets like cats and dogs have healthy appetite and they need to be fed nutritious and healthy food at all times. Exercise is yet another integral factor that contributes to the dog`s well-being. It is up to you to ensure that your dog is taken for a walk at regular intervals.
Food and exercises nurture the physical health of your pets but what about their emotional health? Pets, particularly dogs have strong emotional connect with the members of the family. Emotionally suitable environment is one of the requisites for raising a healthy dog.
Maintaining pet safety:

The dog walker alone is not responsible to keep your dog safe. You have to check on the dog daily to ensure that the dog is safe. In case your pets are enrolled in training sessions, you have to take care to ensure they are safe at home or at the training institute.
Keeping your house from falling apart:
Pets become an integral part of your lives the moment they come into your home. They are actively involved in a number of activities that happen at the house. A dog or cat may be litter box trained but may not always follow the instructions. Therefore keeping the litter box away from your expensive carpet or teaching pets to stay away from furniture will help in making your pets more customized to live in the company of humans.
It also helps to know distinct traits that are specific to your pets. It is quite normal for a cat to be accustomed to scratching while a dog will have to be treated with medication for excessive scratching. Dogs love to chew, so investing in chewable food or chewable toys is ideal. But if these habits are a result of anxiety, anxiety related medicine and behaviour modification program may be recommended.
When a pet comes home it brings home a cartload of emotions, needs and surprises.

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Raise your glass to health benefits of red wine

Over the past few years, there have been almost as many health studies on alcohol as there are grapes in a vineyard, and each one has a new theory. It really is true that drinking moderate amount of wine, particularly red wine, has its own health benefits, defined by the American Heart Association as one to two four-ounce glasses a day. Scientists have also found that red wines have higher levels of polyphenols, antioxidants and, in general, the darker the wine, the higher the antioxidant content.


Healthy benefits of red wine

6 Reasons To Love Red Wine:

Healthy heart : The antioxidants found in a glass of wine can help your heart in numerous ways to prevent heart diseases. They can increase your levels of your “good” cholesterol and lower your “bad” cholesterol. They protect your arteries from damage and prevent blood clots because the antioxidants enable your blood to flow easily. Wine may also increases omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to have protective effects on heart and blood circulation.

Improve bone strength: Studies have shown that people who drink a glass of wine had greater bone mineral density in the hip region of their thigh bones, than non-drinkers or heavy drinkers. This can reduce the risk for bone diseases such as osteoporosis.

Control blood sugar: Wine can improve your sensitivity to insulin, which is a great thing since insulin resistance is the most important critical factor contributing to type 2 diabetes risk. Improving sensitivity to insulin will ensure that your body takes up insulin properly.

Lowers risks for cancer: Antioxidants have cancer-fighting abilities and red wine certainly has a lot of antioxidants. It can slow the growth of cancer cells, particularly breast and colon cancer cells. Studies have also shown that antioxidants may even suppress the growth of cancer cells on the prostate.

Fosters good eyesight: Antioxidants in red wine prevent age-related deterioration of eye muscles. Wine can help stop the growth of blood vessels in the eye, which is good because if blood vessels continue to grow, they can cause muscular degeneration or failing eyesight.

Promotes mental health: Red wine can reduce your risks of stroke and getting dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. The antioxidants in red wine reduces the stickiness of blood platelets, helping keep blood vessels open and flexible. This helps maintain a good blood supply to the brain, therefore reducing the risk for brain and mental impairment.

The big mistake people make is trying to buy these benefits in a bottle, rather than looking at how wine can be a part of a healthy lifestyle. Nature is complex, and we haven’t figured out how to put that in a bottle. The most important thing you can do is start to look at the big picture.

Think of the slow-paced life of the Mediterranean and bring a little bit of that into your life. Take time to prepare a simple meal packed with legumes and fresh vegetables. Savor this meal. Linger at the table with your friends and family. And of course – enjoy a leisurely glass of wine without feeling guilty.

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Global Population of High Net Worth Individuals

Who do you think are considered as High Net Worth Individuals?

High net worth individual (HNWI) is a classification used by the financial services industry to refer an individual or a family with high net worth of wealth.The categorization is relevant because high net worth individuals generally qualify for separately managed investment accounts instead of regular mutual funds. High net worth is generally quoted in terms of liquid assets over a certain figure. The exact amount differs by financial institution and region. HNIs are in high demand by private wealth managers. The more money a person has, the more work it takes to maintain and preserve those assets.

Different financial institutions maintain different minimum standards for HNWI classification. Most banks require that a customer have a certain amount in liquid assets and/or a certain amount in depository accounts with the bank to qualify for special HNWI treatment.

To be considered as one of the member of this elite club the most commonly quoted figure is $1 million in liquid financial assets. An investor with less than $1 million but more than $100,000 is considered to be “affluent” or perhaps even “sub-HNWI.” The upper end of HNWI is around $5 million, at which point the client is then referred to as “very HNWI.” More than $30 million in wealth classifies a person as “ultra HNWI.”


High Net Worth Individuals

According to The World Wealth Report it appears that as of 2015, the United States boasts the most HNWIs in the world at over 4.45 million. HNWIs represent over 1.3% of the U.S. population. Moreover, 61.2% of the global HNWI population reside in four countries: The United States, Japan, Germany and China. The two Asian countries on the list, Japan and China, had the largest increases in HNWI population between 2014 and 2015 at 11% and 16%, respectively. The biggest drop in HNWI population was suffered by Brazil, which had 8% fewer HNWIs in 2015 than in 2014.

Nevertheless, looking ahead, global HNWI wealth is projected to grow by almost eight percent annually from the end of 2014 through to 2017, to reach US $70.5 trillion, led by Asia-Pacific at an anticipated growth rate of 10.3 percent. Europe is expected to act as a more prominent engine of HNWI wealth expansion at 8.4 percent annually, as a result of improved optimism for a more substantial recovery throughout the region, while the wealth of HNWIs in North America is anticipated to grow by a more modest 7percent.

In addition, the only reason why HNIs have been defined or categorized is to show their financial standing that these investors are generally perceived to be richer than others. It is simple, they have wealth in abundance.

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The Top 5 Challenges Faced By the Fishing Industry

Fishing is one of the most popular and celebrated leisure activities. It is often pursued as a hobby but if your hobby can help you earn extra wouldn’t that just be the topping on the cake? That is what most fishing enthusiasts have been able to do, but the depleting resources and decline in supply has led to a lag phase in the fishing enthusiasts’ life.

The fishing industry- a once thriving sector now on the ropes?

The fishing industry has been affected by various factors. Technically the business in not doing well owing to the fact that though there is a demand for high quality fish and often the supply fails to match the demand.
Reasons that have led to a deterioration in supply of good fish:

  1. Reduced Small Boat Owners
    There is talk of fish being good for the heart, as an anti-aging product and as a rich source of vitamins. Good fish is laden with the good fat or good density lipids and it is meant to nurture good health. There is high demand for superior quality fish. The consumption is also on the rise leading to a dearth in the supply. With this current healthy eating drive, there is an increase in demand for fish but the supply doesn’t always match up to the demand. There is a decline in the number of small boat owners and this has contributed to the decrease in fish supply.
  2. Cuts Suggested By the Federal Government
    The Federal Government has decided how much cod and haddock fishermen can catch. This rule has not only impacted the quantity of the fish caught but the quality as well. Therefore local captains are now focussing on secondary fish like Pollock, redfish and dogfish shark. But the problem lies in the fact that consumers wish to invest in superior quality fish that would give them health benefits as well.
  3. The Rise In Demand And The Aquatic Habitats
    The natural habitats when disturbed will impact in the breeding of good quality fish. Due to overfishing, the ocean floor gets impacted. Sea life beyond fish, like sponge, dragging creatures, and corals may also get affected. The marine life gets disrupted and lose out on a good breeding place.
  4. Bycatch
    Bycatch is one of the bigger challenges that continues to mar the world of fishing. This is an unfortunate thing that happens while fishing wherein fish, turtles, sea birds and other animals get trapped in a broad sweeping fishing tool that may include gillnets and bottom trawls. Gillnets spread across miles and trap any organism that swims into them. The organisms may be dolphins or sharks. Endangered species of turtles and sharks are more at risk. Then there are bottom dragging creatures, coral and anything that comes in the way. These careless and wasteful deaths of numerous sea creatures disturbs the aquatic ecosystem. The repercussions are plenty.
  5. Illegal Fishing
    The world of fisheries has witnessed significant change in the recent past. The number of fish species has depleted and the demand for products is on a rise. But owing to illegal fishing there have been some other problems too like harvesting undersized fish, unauthorized fishing across territories and use of illegal procedures.

How do we provide a solution to the problems associated with fishing?

The end consumers fuel the demand for fish. Working towards the proliferation of fisheries that have fish for human and pet consumption is the surest way to ascertain that there is sufficient supply. But as a consumer if you are aware of sustainable seafood and you are able to ask for sea food that is sourced through sustainable fishing practises, you would be doing a great deal of good for the fisheries sector. So whether you are a fishing enthusiasts or connoisseur of sea food, be more pragmatic in your approach of promoting good fish breeding. Be a responsible consumer and see the wave of change that is brought about with your responsible move.

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Things to Keep in Mind Before Getting a Pet

shutterstock_374801014Pet-obsessed people may spend a considerable amount of time of their day surfing the internet and admiring cute pictures of furry friends. With each image they come across, they may keep on imagining how better life would be if they had an adorable pet as a companion. Pets are easy to love but the big question is are they easy to look after? Adopting a pet may sound easy but it is indeed a huge responsibility to take care of it.

Here’s what the soon-to-be pet parents should keep in mind before making the new addition to the family.

  • Do you have enough time to invest in taking care of your pet?

Keeping a goldfish as a pet may not require too much of your time and attention when compared to a four-legged one. Caring for a pet may consume a good amount of time from your busy schedule each day. It may not be a good idea to get a pet if you work around the clock. Feeding, exercising, grooming, training, playing, socializing, providing company and giving it attention are all important aspects of pet ownership. Older animals may be obedient and toilet trained, hence may not require too much of your attention buy the younger ones definitely need a lot of care. Since puppies and kittens can take up a lot of your time and if you think that you shall be unable to perform these essential duties due to time-constraint, you may opt for a fish or a bird.

  • Are you ready to bear the expenses?

You should have the necessary funds so as to provide your pet with everything that it needs. You can curb down costs if you choose to adopt an animal instead of spending a hefty sum buying it. Expenses such as food, annual health checkups, training, vet bills, vaccination, neutering, de-worming and health emergencies may be a cause of concern if you do not have the required financial backup. Considering that pets are an expensive addition to the family, you need to practically figure out which type of pet fits your budget.

  • Does the pet fit your lifestyle?

Before you think of purchasing a pet, factors like working hours, travelling or a busy social life need to be considered in a careful way. Animals long for constant human company and are never to be left alone. You must be sure that your lifestyle accommodates them. Do you have enough time to take it out for a walk everyday? Can you provide constant attention to your pet? Who shall take care of it in your absence? Have answers to these questions before you get your animal friend home.

  • Is your home pet-friendly?

Before you get your pet home, look out for hazards and get them out of the house. A simple thing like chewing gum can also be dangerous for your pet. Electric cords, chemical bottles, tiny toys, toxic plants etc. should be kept out of their reach. You need to ensure that your house has ample space for it to run around and play. If your apartment does not have a yard, make sure that you take out the animal for frequent walks and play with it when you are home.

Your little furry friend steals a piece of your heart the moment you lay your eyes on it and in no time it becomes an integral part of your family. While owning a pet can be extremely pleasing, it is very important to remember that with pet ownership comes a huge responsibility. It is your duty to cater to all the requirements of your pet – exercise, food, housing, exercise, grooming and veterinary care. A detailed research should be conducted on the basics of pet care before you bring home one so as to ensure that you have the capability to meet the social, physiological and behavioral needs of the animal. You should take time to research about the species or breed of animal that you have zeroed in to purchase so that you are well aware of its needs and is prepared for its arrival. Getting a pet home should never be an impulsive decision!

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5 Gifting Ideas for Stamp and Coin Collectors


Many may have a common perception that stamp and coin collecting are very similar, but in reality there are very few collectors who pursue both. Although it is rare to find people who devote their time to both the hobbies with equal passion, it is not impossible to find interested souls who pursue both stamp and coin collection with a lot of enthusiasm.

You may have that friend or acquaintance who has immense interest in stamp and coin collecting. But, what if you wish to surprise him/her on a special occasion but fall short of gifting ideas?

Let us take a quick glimpse at few gifting ideas that may kindle your interest:

  • Coin cases: It is not easy to find that perfect coin holder, but that has never really stopped coin collectors from searching for that perfect one, which is best-suited for their interests. Often you get coin cases that accommodate coins of each and every size, thus granting you the option of customizing your storage option to your collection. From beginners to professionals, these cases have the capacity to take care of every sort of numismatist by storing a wide variety of coins that range from Morgan Silver Dollars, Buffalo Nickels to Silver Eagles and Presidential Dollar Cases. The durable and beautiful coin cases are crafted from wood, acrylic, aluminum and a host of other materials.
  • Stamp albums: Stamp albums are loose-leafed books that can store and display a collection of postage stamps. Considered to be the universal means of storing stamps by amateurs as well as pros, these albums are the safest and finest options to preserve your valuable collection.
  • Cardboard coin flips: Cardboard coin flips that are a favorite with many coin collectors, are flat, rectangle-shaped pieces of cardboard lined with a plastic film on one side. Coin flips shall safeguard your precious coins from moisture, dust, fingerprints and scratches.
  • Stamp stock books: These are nothing but hard bound stamp albums of heavy cardboard pages with strips that hold the stamps. Stock books comprise of a number of pages that are made of manilla paper, clear film or glassine paper into which the stamps are placed. Available in a number of shapes, colors and sizes, these are either equipped with book-like bindings or flexible double-hinged pages.
  • Coin tubes: Square or round coin tubes are ideal for organizing and storing rolls of coins and protect them from moisture and dust. What more? These are available in a wide variety of styles that include opaque plastic square tubes and clear plastic round tubes.

By now, you may have got a fairly good idea on the wide array of gifting options that are available for stamp and coin collectors. At present, there are approximately 31,000 members in the American Numismatic Association. Coin World, on the other hand, enjoys a subscriber base more than ANA. U.S. researchers report around 1,00,000 and 1 mn active coin collectors. Besides, the world also lists 34,000 members who contribute to the American Philatelic Society for stamp collectors. So, why not extend some goodies to them to support their collection?

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